October 21st, 2008

I just got done with the photos that my friends took at Screaming TikiCon and sent me and I’m ready to do a proper convention post now. Unless noted, these photos were taken by a friend of mine who prefers to stay mysterious.

We saw the Batcopter on the way to the Expo Center. I heard they were giving people Batcopter rides at some point. Diabolical!

I ran into my friend Jay (Edgefind on the Joe boards) in there and we got to yap about G.I.JOEs for a bit. I saw him a few other times and caught up with some other cool cats from different Joe boards. I never make it to the fan get-togethers so some people didn’t believe that I really existed since Snopes.com hadn’t really confirmed it yet.

Somebody was dressed up like a Lego Minifigure of a Modal Node Band Member. Why? I don’t know and I really don’t think there needs to be a reason to dress up as a minifig. For a few seconds, he was fighting with a non-minifig Boba Fett.

I went to school with the guy in excellent Penguin outfit. He was in method actor and didn’t break character except for acknowledging that he knew me. Holmes is dedicated like that and played the part to a capital T. WAUGH!

This is artist Ren McKinzie sketching out a very ill remix of Hanna-Barbera’s Captain Caveman:

Check out his website or his deviantART page to see exactly how this man gets down for his crown.

I got a picture with writer Marc Sumerak who brings solid fun, funk, and characterization to his work. I thanked him doing that thing that he does so well and bought an autographed MA: Spider-Man TPB off him. He’s a cool cat and you can tell that he loves what he does. The man knows how to write a book that both kids and non-kids can enjoy and it’s a $50 bet that the young’uns coming up now will grow up to talk about how they got hooked on comics due to his work.

AW YEAH MAN! Got to meet two more makers of comics that save the world: Art Baltazar and Franco. I know them from Tiny Titans, the book that I use to wash away any horrible recent comic book happenings, but I took this chance to buy some Patrick the Wolf Boy comics because I’ve always wanted to read it. The friends that I rolled to the con with bought some too because they read my Tiny Titans whenever we hit the comic shop. They also had some free comics to give out so a lot of my haul was from them. Best of all, I got to hear them say, “AW YEAH TITANS!” in real life and that’s something beyond any price guide printed. Like Marc Sumerak, you can tell that these guys really love comics in a way that’ll keep the ball rolling for future generations to come.

It’s Catwoman and Me vs. anybody tryin’ to start some. Like the Beatnuts, no one’s ready to deal with us! There were a lot of great cosplayers and the woman dressed up as Catwoman was excellent at getting into character and posing. I think she was part of this larger group that had some insanely authentic outfits. Much respect to this Catwoman and the rest of the group!

And now, my favorite picture of the whole shabang was one that I took:

Knowing that I was lucky to get a second chance to see Yvonne Craig, I spent all of last Friday working on the Batgirl artwork. My day job and the cold that I have was wearing me out and I didn’t think I could do it, but I fought to get it done. I gave her a copy of it and she was gracious enough to pose with it. The artwork, which you can find on Illmosis and deviantART, is based on a photo that she autographed for me at Mid-Ohio-Comic-Con a few years back for drawing her years earlier. This latest art was an effort to make up for that earlier drawing and she looked really happy with it. I’m not great with likenesses but she liked it and that’s approval enough for me!

There are a bunch of people that I either couldn’t find (Tony Isabella and Ron Frenz) or forgot to come back when their table crowd thinned out (too many to list). I was lucky enough to meet people I just posted pics of along with the ones that I posted links to in the earlier post ‘Nuff respect to all those worked on this convention, all those who were kind enough to be guests and… dammit, I’ll just thank everyone. It still amazes me that we had such a great convention and I’m looking forward to next year. And yes, I’m getting a table next year.

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