August 20th, 2009

I hope not.

I was going through parts of this blog as I fix some things with the template and I decided to check out the older ScrollBoss Anniversary posts. It wasn’t until I looked at the 8th ScrollBoss Anniversary post that I remembered how plans for a big update were brutally murdered by computer problems much like they were this year. Thanks to a good friend of mine who helped me out by getting a bunch of the bigger parts of it, I’ll have yet another new system some time this month. Thanks to a sale at, I was able to buy a new hard drive that has more space than all my old hard drives put together but was cheaper than any of them (not counting the 20 GB drive that came with my 1st computer). Hopefully the whole shebang will be put together next week. Sorry for not being as productive as I used to be and I hope that upgrading from “the NewOld computer” to the “NewNew” computer will let me annoy you with more of my lame creations than every before.

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