September 13th, 2009
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After everything I did to try and do something special for 9/9/09 for my ninja character, Twofold, I was too tired to really tell anyone after it was all finished and uploaded. I didn’t even get around to making a post here. The main thing was a preview version of the upcoming “Twofold #1” page 2. Yes, page 2. Why? Because this was almost page one. I kept flip-flopping back and forth over whether or not I should start with this or have a page that almost explains why there’s a ninja battle going on in the woods. Forcing myself to get a preview page done on the 9th was a way of forcing myself to “s*** or get off the pot” with this story that I’ve been messing with for about three years. The good thing is that I finally came up with a done-in-one story that will give you nearly all the info you need for liking Twofold and Master Hsu. Master Hsu, along with supporting character Dr. Wu, appear on page 1 which leads into him semi-narrating the page through smack talk with his captors. Another reason the page you see now is a prototype is because some of that dialogue will be on pages 1 and 3 in the final version. Other new thangs added to the Twofold section include an early version of the new and improved Twofold logo. I scanned it in and made a quick mouse-vectored and CG’ed version of it right after finishing the comic when I should’ve been sleeping. It’s been added to the Twofold pages but a better one will done at a later date. I did a quick profile pic of Amy Mao from the Five Eyes school but didn’t have time to start coloring it yet. Finally, I added the first full-sized (11 x 17 inches) color comic pic I drew of Twofold and a sketch page that has Twofold, Passion Tanaka, characters from the Five Eyes school and some characters outside of the Twofold book like Nutroll.

I’ve been working on bits of ScrollBoss and there will be an update either this week or next week. One of those things may be a preview of the new Vs. Mode section. I had to put a modified poll script together along with data scripts for displaying info about the fights whether or not they’re still active. I can finish enough to get the “after the battle” section working to recreate the ending of the 2002 Superninja tournament that Final Fight’s Guy won back in 2002. There are some crazy RPG-style elements I need to finish for the new version so it’ll be a while before I can start the fights again. No one really reads this blog so I don’t have to rush like people are looking forward to this.

Some of my Saturday was spent getting a few more things set up on my computer only to discover that the new version of Image-Line’s site instantly recognized my old registration for FL Studio. Being able to save music files again means that I can get back to work on the background music for various projects. I’m no Hoyt Curtin or Johnny Douglas but it’s nice to have that program music program working for me again.

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