August 7th, 2009

Vs. Mode is now up to version 0.8 with new engine-generated oval shadows:

I can change the transparency, color and size ratio on the shadows and there are 3 new screenstyles that use them. New characters include Adam Hunter, Mr. X (Streets of Rage), Joker, Lex Luthor, the Flash, Martian Manhunter, Solomon Grundy, Star Sapphire.

Sprite Edits – Additions to the DC Comics page:

Flash (Barry Allen)the JokerLex LuthorSolomon Grundy

Flash’s pose looks like a transition sprite before running but it’s also based on this cover. Luthor has the twin pistols from JLU episode, “Destroyer” but I’ll probably make later variation where he has some crazy 70’s weapon with him. Joker’s sprite is an alternate angle of that Carmine Infantino pose that Mego used on his toy packaging. Solomon Grundy is just being crazy.

Also started a brand-new Toys and Cartoons page with two headliners from the 80’s. You’ll have to go there to see those two.

Other stuff: New additions to the Mini Logo page include Edi.E, Metamorpho, Mr. Fantastic, Mr. X, Lex Luthor, the Question, Scarlet Witch, Star Sapphire, Solomon Grundy, the Thing, Tyrant (Resident Evil) and the Vision. I’m also hosting some old MUGEN stages done by some friends of mine including some G.I.JOE, MOTU, DC and Marvel based stuff. You can find those here.

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August 2nd, 2009

First of all, I need to congratulate Zsabreuser for his win in the latest Zuda Comics tournament. His Rock Star comic is 8-pages of full-tilt crazy and I’m looking forward to watching this universe unfold. Z is one really imaginative artist and you need to keep an eye on him.

Also: Shin Otaru made some adjustment to the Cat’s Lair Thundercats Mugen stage:

What the f*** is a Sommelflange?

Get the new version here.

Speaking of MUGEN, my friend OpticGlow EX just pointed sent me the link to the X-Box live version of Shinobi then told me to look at the cover they made for it. It’s the picture on the right-hand side of the screen with the game logo over some shrunken screen shots. Now, one of those screen shots is not like the others.

Tomorrow on Illmosis, a character that people are surprised I haven’t penciled and inked yet makes her debut…


Now what or who could make Poison that upset? Find out on Sunday!

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July 20th, 2009

scrollboss-bigbossposter_codyeswat-sagacontinuesScrollBoss is nine years old and that fact has been messing with my head since I realized it. Eight years wasn’t a big deal because it’s just eight. Nine? Nine is almost ten and that’s just crazy. Here’s a few highlights of the update:

1.) Company Index: Like a hub page for a company’s content on the site. This area will mostly be ignored because it’s not sprites.

2.) Sprite Edits: Hey, sprites! Mario and Sonic done from scratch just to mess with the heads of those that think I don’t like the characters. Dammit, the internet is full of GOOD Mario and Sonic sites! That’s why I also made sprite edits of characters like Damnd from Final Fight, Rick Norton and Kazan from Brawl Brothers and Thomas from Kung-Fu Master. They don’t get enough fan love so I try to be there when I can. Also: sprite edits of Haggar, Solid Snake and multiple Batmans.

3.) Vs. Maker: Look, it’s more sprites! Still no update to the engine but a lot of characters got added. Batman is finally in there and is the only DC character to have a portrait so far. See? That makes him more special so that should make you happy.

4.) MugenBoss: I fixed and added more things that no one cares about except that it looks better. Here’s one cool thing donated by Kiwi and Shin Otaru:

What the f*** is a Sommelflange?

I still can’t get over how Kiwi make the graphics from scratch. You can see the whole pic and more by checking out his deviantART page. If you have the MUGEN fighting game, you can download the real stage here.

I should have linked to the 7th and 8th Anniversary posts. Consider it done.

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July 2nd, 2009

Early contender for my personal favorite joint of the year:

The whole album is good but this was my favorite before I even knew it was a single. Not only does it have a Black Star reunion over a J.Dilla beat with “History” but there’s an appearance by Slick Rick, the Ruler.

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June 13th, 2009

I turned 36 years old yesterday. I’m shocked and embarrassed by the well-wishing and insanely good presents I got this year. I try to stay low-key about my birthday for various reasons but other people decided to play dirty pool. One of my best friends got me a flat monitor that my eyes are still trying to get used to. Everything is so fresh and so clean-clean. One of my sisters even bought me a best German Chocolate cake, possibly my favorite cake of all cakes. Thanks again to everyone who got me a gift or said Happy Birthday. Damn you for making me smile about my birthday!

I only had two plans for this birthday. One of those plans: Root Beer and Pizza. Once again, even with lower-grade sources of both items, the combination managed to be the sure shot. The other plan was to draw something special. Since it was my 36th birthday and I’m a martial arts fan, there was only one choice: Gordon Liu as San-Te from the classic film “the 36th Chamber of Shaolin” from Shaw Studios. I’m still horrible at likenesses but it was still fun to draw this. It was a quick pic drawn after working the last work day of a week where I barely slept so I’m sure it could have been a lot worse.

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June 6th, 2009

I finally added the Vs. Maker Graphic Generator to ScrollBoss yesterday. What you can do is make a fake video game screenshot by making some choices on two different menus. You can choose from different game screen set-ups and characters from Capcom, Marvel, and DC along with screen set-ups from games starring those characters. Yes, I said DC, although none of the DC characters have the bigger background pictures (known as ‘portraits’) so the custom Justice League Task Force VS. screen doesn’t use portraits at all. This thing is still a work in progress and only the screens in the “Marvel Super Heroes” style work 100% accurately.

I’ve been mentioning it in posts since March 2007 and even linked to a cruddy beta test. It finally has an official spot on the ScrollBoss site after two years of scattered work and a huge scripting rewrite last week that allows more features like screens with four characters. There are still a few things I need to add before I can call the engine 1.00.

More graphics, characters, styles and companies will be added even when the engine isn’t updated. Obvious missing characters like Batman, the rest of the original 12 Street Fighters and SNK as a whole are at the top of the to-add list. The ability to make message board sigs and avatars will be added later. If you dig it or don’t, please let me know what you think in the comments section here.

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May 5th, 2009

I had to disable my graphics card because it started to run hotter than ever and kept making my system freeze up even more than usual. Due to this, almost everything in Windows XP happens in slow-motion. There is a soul-stabbing lag when scrolling Firefox pages, moving files in Explorer and, the worst part of all, doing almost anything in an art program. Due to that last bit, there will be no new full-color pics from me until this gets resolved. Since I’m working the least amount of real job hours I have in years, this may take a while unless my income tax returns decide to show up this week.

I’m still going through different programs to see what still works normally. One surprise is that WinKawaks somehow manages to work at full speed even when the screen is swarming with Xenomorphs in Alien vs. Predator by Capcom. That’s some seriously efficient programming.

This is just a heads up for anyone who visits Illmosis and ScrollBoss and also gets bored enough to read this blog. I planned to color the Green Lantern – Hal Jordan pic this week but that’s not possible now. I’ll try to do some B&W art to make sure there’s still an update this week. The ScrollBoss update is still on. In fact, I may work more on it since I can’t color anything right now.

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May 2nd, 2009

After a solid month of wearing myself out on artwork, day job work, a painful walk to the post office that made my skeleton ache and a 2-day sickness that made all of that even worse, I’m staying in this weekend. I can’t make it to Free Comic Book Day at the local comic shop but it’s just as well since I’m too broke to make use of the crazy trade paperback sale the shop is having then. I have a huge amount of website work to catch up on so it’s probably for the best.

Part of that time will be spent sorting out my main e-mail inbox. FUN! One thing on the list is to hunt down my original Image-Line activation code from whenever Fruity Loops changed over to FL Studio. The original Fruity Loops activation file I have no longer works. Until I do, the free version of Fruity Loops I’m using won’t save song data. Since the location of samples is different thanks it having to be on a different drive, I can’t just load the songs and play them as-is. This one thing has frozen multiple ScrollBoss projects until I can activate my paid account again.

I spent nearly all of last month working on Illmosis so now I need to spread some love over to ScrollBoss. I planned to do some art for the Minus World features but coloring that Nutroll comic page just sucked almost every bit of spare time I had. I plan to split my time between both sites this month and there should be an update next week. Expect sprites, sprite edits, sprite donations from some very nice people and an update to the Sprite Bases tutorial. I’ll try to do two updates this month to make up for the slackin’ in April’s mackin’.

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April 27th, 2009 stands for what everyone thought a site address bought and ran by Capcom stood for: Take yoU 4 A Ride, the famous character select screen music from Marvel vs. Capcom 2. It’s been rumored for a long time and even news of it being rated got everyone excited. Now it’s official. has news on it including the fact that there will be online support, special graphic filters for whiny pixel-phobes and every character will be unlocked from the get-go so you can dive right in with your favorite 3-fighter team.

This is good news for many game players all over the globe. MvsC2 has been out of print for years and it currently sells in the $70 to $90 price range on the dickery-encrusted aftermarket like eBay, Amazon sellers and stores that sell used games. Now it will be available over through X-Box Live and PlayStation Network for… $15. Just to rub it in, I hope Capcom starts selling the PS2 version again for cheap.

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March 10th, 2009

Ladies and gentlemen, I present a piece of G.I.JOE fan artwork that I’ve wanted to do for a long time. Allow me to introduce you to the man, the myth, the legend: Big Lob.

biglob_stand2009_explo_600pMost of you won’t know who this is so let me tell you about him. He debuts in G.I.JOE the Movie in a scene where the Joes’ resident hard case, Beach Head, tests out each member’s skills only to be annoyed by their personality quirks. In Big Lob’s case, he treats the obstacle course like a sporting event complete while giving his own third-person commentary of his actions. This irks the hell out of Beach Head, which makes him sound like a grouchy comics-only G.I.JOE fan who lives within the cartoon itself. He didn’t appear in later episodes of the cartoon probably because production of the show went to another company after the movie was made. He never got an action figure or appeared in the comic book. He just disappeared. No Colorforms, Shrinky Dinks, Underoos or vinyl pencil case art. Dude just disappeared.

I knew dozens of G.I.JOE fans while I was growing up and none of them had a problem with Big Lob. Most of us wondered why Hasbro never gave him his own figure. That was until I got online and saw how he seems to be one of those characters that some people like to complain about. A few will even try to tell you that nobody likes the character. Whatever, man. Look, Big Lob is a strange character and is probably crazy but who wasn’t on that cartoon? That’s what made it a fun show to watch for kids who hadn’t become morose, uptight sad sacks yet. So while he may not be a mainstay like Duke and Snake-Eyes or one of those figures like Hit ‘n Run or Repeater that hardcore Joe fans (including me) are crazy about, let there be no doubt that Big Lob has a posse. Now he has a piece of fan art to back that up.

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