I’ve only posted this Harley Quinn picture in a few places, but the response has been surprisingly positive. I’d like to thank everyone who had a kind word to say about this one. The funny thing is that I drew this just to have something new on the site for the week. You can see […]

So I was gathering the layout sketches for “Nutroll: the Illness” only to find out that I only have about 50% of what I was looking for. Of course, that 50% turns out to be the GOOD version of the beginning pages. I thought I had it set out with the other group of layouts […]

Check out what was waiting for me in the mailbox today. That’s right, it’s the book Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman by Rob ‘Dire51’ Strangman! It’s also the the first book cover that I’ve ever had a chance to draw, color and even letter. The cover looks a bit scrunched even though I thought I […]

Remember that book cover that I drew and colored a lil’ while back? It’s out! Memoirs of a Virtual Caveman is a book by Rob “Dire 51” Strangman, the creator of some great video game-based sites including the mighty OPCFG, the West Mansion Splatterhouse shrine and the Ghoul Realm that pays tribute to Capcom’s G […]

Someone asked if I could post a merged version of that Truetorial posts I made while working on the Wendy Milan pic. I decided to do it because it’s a good idea and it gives me a chance to improve it a bit. I call it a ‘truetorial’ because it’s a tutorial that includes all […]

Here’s a quick post of random things I’m up to at the moment: 1.) ‘That thing’ that I was working on but only mentioning in a vague manner like Peter Potamus is now done. Click the pic over there to get all the info and I’ll have a post all about this later on in […]

Whether you’re an average jill, a common joe, gift procrastinator extraordinaire, 5-star holiday cookiesmith, Cindy Lou Who, Wong Who, a snot-nosed punk what don’t deserve nothin’ due to being a snot-nosed punk all year, or a fictional character who is pouting for being drawn in a goofy Santa costume, may all you party people have […]

In In the last unexciting episode of Truetorial with the spunky Wendy Milan being fully inked. I scanned the pic in pure Black and White mode at 600 dpi. How big is that? 2492 by 6263 pixels. To look at that at full size, it’s probably twice as wide and six times as tall as […]

For some odd reason, a half-dozen people like my artwork of video game characters. Sometimes. I’ve decided to post one of my fan art methods because this blog needs more visual content. Instead of putting it in a tutorial that explains how you should do it, I’ll make a truetorial that shows how everything usually […]

Tyris Flare from Sega’s Golden Axe I did these Tyris sketches a few weeks ago. The reason that she’s not a fully picture now can be seen in the last sketch. I’m not sure how the sword would look in the same angle as the sprite’s pose. Having it in front of her shows a […]