That USB Hard Drive enclosure that I ordered last week still isn’t here so I can’t finish some of the ScrollBoss’ 8th Anniversary projects. Instead of whining about it, I’ve burnt that anger by working on the long-overdue vector ScrollBoss letter set. Since I couldn’t find the backup CD with the old vector logo on […]

To celebrate the return of Spring, here’s my favorite song about the season:

Today is my mother’s birthday. My self-appointed mission on her birthday is to shorten the list of movies and music that she’s always wanted bit-by-bit each year. Some were easy to find like The Sentinel, a horror flick that she loved but hadn’t seen since 198-something. The hardest to track down was a CD of […]

Back on Christmas day I was groovin’ off my Christmas playlist which, by a law that I made up, must always start with This Christmas by Donny Hathaway. Shake a hand, shake a hand, y’all. Other joints include Christmas in Hollis by Run DMC, What Child is this by Vanessa Williams (not just for her […]

First it was the inkless printer. About 2 weeks ago I decided to roll El Cheapo style and try a ink refill kit for $15. After using the mini-hand drill included with the kit to hand carve a hole into the top of the ink cart, I find out that now the paper now has […]

It was a tough choice between the Rey Mysterio – the Biggest Little Man set and the entire Filmation series of Aquaman, but Rey won out in this case. The Cruiserweight division was one the main reasons I watched WCW Monday Nitro and Rey Mysterio Jr. always pulled off some insane move that blew my […]

Memorial Day is one of those holidays that you really can’t wish someone a happy one… because there’s nothing joyous about it. So I’ll just thank those who are serving in the military now, thank those who served in the past and salute those who lost their lives fighting for this country.

Once again, fortune smiles upon the man with the El Cheapo state of mind. Formerly way over $60, they dropped the price on the Buck Rogers DVD set down to $25 on and $20 at Wal-Mart. For two thin ten spots I now possess every example of Buck knocking people out with the Double […]

So this is the last weekend update for Nutroll Month 2007. While I didn’t accomplish as much as I wanted to finish, I was more productive this month than I’ve been for all the other months of this year combined. The main point was having a goal to concentrate on while shaking off more of […]

Why is this badly-drawn man smiling? You’ll find out on April 1st, 2007. Well, you’d have to go here then to get the full effect of actually seeing it. Not promising the funny here, but it’ll give you a slightly better understanding on how Nutroll works through one of his side-effects. Yes, there are side […]