It was a tough choice between the Rey Mysterio – the Biggest Little Man set and the entire Filmation series of Aquaman, but Rey won out in this case. The Cruiserweight division was one the main reasons I watched WCW Monday Nitro and Rey Mysterio Jr. always pulled off some insane move that blew my […]

In In the last unexciting episode of Truetorial with the spunky Wendy Milan being fully inked. I scanned the pic in pure Black and White mode at 600 dpi. How big is that? 2492 by 6263 pixels. To look at that at full size, it’s probably twice as wide and six times as tall as […]

For some odd reason, a half-dozen people like my artwork of video game characters. Sometimes. I’ve decided to post one of my fan art methods because this blog needs more visual content. Instead of putting it in a tutorial that explains how you should do it, I’ll make a truetorial that shows how everything usually […]

Tyris Flare from Sega’s Golden Axe I did these Tyris sketches a few weeks ago. The reason that she’s not a fully picture now can be seen in the last sketch. I’m not sure how the sword would look in the same angle as the sprite’s pose. Having it in front of her shows a […]

So. I’m Black. I’m a gamer. You’d think that I’d have commented on “that Resident Evil 5 controversy” by now. Well, I didn’t actually see it until Thursday because I’ve been too busy working on random stuff. And now that I’ve seen the trailer and read various blogs talking about it, I’m reminded of one […]

From the 1-UP Interview with Capcom’s Keiji Inafune 1UP: But is there any chance of an actual Shadow sequel? KI: Maybe if we made something like the 300 movie. I’m just joking around, but that’s what we were thinking, some over-the-top violence. 1UP: So, basically Shadow of Rome minus the stealth elements. KI: Yeah, hypothetically-speaking […]

from Honestly, up to this point, Smash Bros. Brawl hasn’t done much for me. Especially the pedestrian daily updates. As of today, though? OK, Nintendo, you got me. There’s an Animal Crossing stage in the game, and if you play a match at 8pm on a Saturday…yeah, you know how it goes down. Smashville […]

The lastest piece of fan art that I finished was of Capcom’s Mike Haggar. For video game players ‘sometime in the 1980’s’, Mike Haggar was the best mayor ever. He was introduced to us in 1989 in Capcom’s game Final Fight, a game that was originally planned as Street Fighter ’89. Mike Haggar’s bio states […]

I’ll have to get an up-to-date computer by mid-2008. Because of my artwork? Well, yeah. But that’s not why I have a deadline. The reason is that there’s going to be one of those Massively Multiplayer Online games based on Lego. The more that I hear about it, the cooler it sounds. How cool? To […]

Those looking for Taito Legends 2 (now a Gamestop/EBGames exclusive) may want to order from the website. They’ve shipped and some stores got ’em while others don’t. Of course, mine didn’t. Anyway, here’s the links: Gamestop Taito Legends 2 for Playstation 2 Taito Legends Power Up for PSP EBgames Taito Legends 2 for Playstation 2 […]